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Category A: Kitchen & Sink

Garvin USA Basketstrainers

Plastic Colored Basketstrainers

Quality Imported Basketstrainers

Drinking Water Faucets

Swivel-Spray Aerators

Spray Heads & Hoses

Category B: Lavatory

Aerators, Repair Handles

Pop-ups & Grid Drains (with or without overflow)

Lift and Turn Drains (with or without overflow) (Decorator PVD Finishes Stocked)

Category C: Tub & Shower

Tub Spouts (Regular, Special, Brass, Long, and EXTRA LONG)

Personal Shower Items & Kits

Shower Heads & Accessories (Decorator PVD Finishes Stocked)

Category D: Closet Repair

Acid Resistant OEM Flappers, Discs, and Balls

Ballcock Repairs, Float Balls, Etc

Flush Valves, Spuds, Trip Levers

Giant Head Close-Coupled Bolts & Kits

Closet Bolts, Screws, Brass Closet Flanges

Closet Flanges Repairs & Extension Kits

Category E: Drain-Waste-Vent

ETCO Pipe Plugs , Cleanout Plugs, and Clay to Plastic Pipe Adapters

Access Panels

Pro Vents

Brass & Die Cast Slip Nuts

Category F: Sump & Sewage

PHCC Pro Series Standby Pump Systems

Check Valves, All Types & Silent

Grease Traps

Discharge Hose Kits & S.S. Clamps

Sump Pump Stabilizers

Category G: Tools

Nipple & Fitting Trays

Brenelle Company's JetSwet Tools

Debonding Tool Systems

Pipe Shooter Internal Pipe Cutters

Stainless Steel Tile Probes & Other Specialty Tools

Category H: Valves - Brass & Plastic

Balls, Gates, Swing Checks, and Gas Cocks